After having been a lawyer and a jurist – which strengthened my sense of logic and tenacity – I made a 180 degree career turn and took up alternative medicine and complementary therapy as a profession.

In 2000, I undertook a 4-year training at the Institute of Hygiene and Natural Medicines (IHMN) where I obtained my degree as a practitioner of naturopathy in western medicine, which includes the following disciplines: naturopathy, nutrition, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, biological therapy, and iridology.

Simultaneously, I followed courses for manual ayurvedic therapies at several institutes. As of 2009, I followed a training to become an ayurvedic therapist at SAMA (Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy) and obtained my formal certificate as an ayurvedic therapist. This training included the giving of advice on the fronts of nutrition, personal hygiene, prevention and conducting manual therapies based on the principles of ayurveda. I have also been certified as a Complementary Therapist (OrTra TC: World Organisation of Complementary Therapy) in the Ayurvedic Therapy Method; this degree lends official recognition to the profession.

My European roots on the maternal side and my Indo-European roots on the paternal side, have given me an understanding of the holistic therapies that exist in both these continents. Since 2003, I have been actively practising these natural therapies that originate from both western and oriental traditional medicine. I have also undertaken numerous internships, in particular, in India.

These therapies take a person in their entirety into account and are therefore holistic; they treat the body, the emotions and the spirit. They aim to rebalance, harmonise and vitalise the individual through natural means that have been adapted to the person’s specific needs and body, without the risk of harmful side effects.

My approach is methodological and holistic. It is based on a therapeutic assessment and attempts to discover what the underlying cause is of the problem at hand. I provide personalised advice, prescriptions, manual therapies and techniques which are selected according to each individual’s needs. In effect, the whole process is a therapeutic process of guidance, which is based upon positive interaction between the patient and the therapist, with the aim of helping him/her become more aware of their physical, emotional and spiritual balance and well being.