What is Naturopathy?

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Naturopathy is a logical approach that seeks to find the essential causes of the disorder and teaches the necessity of putting into practice the Laws of Life in order to restore or maintain good health through natural means.” (Translation of definition as provided on the APTN website: Association of Natural Therapy Practitioners)

It considers that man and nature need to live in harmony with each other. It considers the human-being as one whole, integrating the mental, emotional and physical levels; in this sense naturopathy is holistic.

Naturopathy focuses on conducting a global in-depth check-up, characterised by a functional psychosomatic and metabolic state. These investigations are conducted via natural and confirmed techniques that are effective and without any attached risks. This process results in a detailed health assessment.


Based on the health assessment, the naturopathic practitioner will implement processes of physiological regulation that have preventative and remedial objectives. This treatment will restore and stimulate the biological equilibrium, the body’s natural defences and self-healing capacity.

The natural methods used in naturopathy:

  • The teaching and putting into practice of a healthy, biological, well-balanced and personalised diet
  • Prescription of food supplements adapted to the issue at hand in order to resolve the deficiency
  • Therapeutic support for the following of diets and one-food-type diets
  • The use of biotherapies, such as: the rational use of water, air, sun, physical exercise, mental hygiene, plants (herbal medicine, aromatherapy), homoeopathy, essences, minerals, trace elements, drainage, manual and energy techniques, etc.

The naturopathic practitioner can also provide advice pertaining to personal hygiene and nutrition, write out prescriptions, perform manual and energy treatments, and help with psychological integration.


The practitioner is to accompany and guide the patient throughout the whole therapeutic process.


If necessary, he can refer the patient on to specialist or a doctor.


The practice of Naturopathy circumpasses clinical diagnosis and can not replace or substitute a currently ongoing medical treatment. Naturopathy does not handle serious, acute or lesional illnesses, or any conditions that require urgent attention!
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