Sage officinalis

My approach is methodological and holistic. It is based on discovering what the underlying cause is of the problem at hand. I provide personalised advice, prescriptions, therapies and techniques which are selected according to each individual’s needs.

After establishing a general health check by means of an exhaustive inquiry into the patient’s medical history, I propose a therapeutic plan specifically adapted to the person in question. Once the course of action is agreed upon with the patient, I accompany him/her along the therapeutic process.


My advice and treatments are fully individualised and have been specifically designed for the following:
  • Calming and balancing of the nervous system (stress, depression, spasmophilia, insomnia).
  • Drainage and detoxification of the body.
  • Weight loss assistance.
  • Stimulation of the circulatory system.
  • Strengthening of the immune system.
  • Preventing and remedying deficiencies and inadequacies by mineralising, toning and vitalising the body.
  • Regulating the hormonal system.
  • Curing digestive, respiratory, rheumatic and hormonal disorders.

My Therapies 

Manual and energy treatments :

See section on Ayurveda


Nutritional Advice :

I provide advice pertaining to a healthy, well-balanced and personalised diet; I prescribe food supplements according to specific needs; I accompany patients throughout their diet, often being a single-food-group diet, with the aim of cleansing and draining the system.


Personal hygiene advice :

My advice focuses mainly on the following areas: the use of the water (hydration, hydrotherapy), use of oxygen (breathing, respiratory exercises), physical exercise (gentle and postural gymnastics, walking, etc.), sufficient sun exposure, sleep, mental hygiene (spiritual readings, meditation, spiritual and artistic activities, positive thinking, etc.).


Plant based prescriptions :

Phytotherapy is also more commonly known as herbal medicine. Plant extracts and their natural active ingredients are used for treating ailments via the following methods:

  • Mother tinctures, powders, herbal teas, decoctions, etc.
  • Aromatherapy (essential oils extracted from medicinal plants).
  • Hydrolatherapy (floral water source: water by-product from the distillation of aromatic plants).
  • Gemmotherapy (glycerine macerate made from buds, emerging shoots and rootlets).
  • Spagyric preparations (essences made via alchemical processing of plant components).
  • Standardised liquid herbal extracts from fresh plants.

Prescription of nutritional supplements :

Nutritherapy is based on the usage of natural molecules in physiological doses, which are given as:

  • Micro-nutrients: minerals, trace elements and vitamins
  • Food and nutritional supplements